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Mass Transit & Parking Expenses



Mass Transit Eligible Expenses

  • Bus vouchers and passes used to commute to and from work.
  • Vanpooling in a "commuter highway vehicle" to and from work so long as 80% of mileage is for transportation of employees between work/home and the vehicle is at half the maximum adult seating.
  • Ferry passes used to commute to and from work.

Mass Transit Non-Allowable Expenses

  • Mass transit costs not associated with the commute to work.
  • Toll fares used to commute to and from work.
  • Mass transit costs from an employee bought voucher or bus pass when a voucher system is already sponsored or available by the Employer.

Parking Eligible Expenses

  • Parking costs associated with a lot at or near the place of business.
  • Parking costs from a lot that is at or near the place of commute (i.e. rideshare, carpool, vanpool)

Parking Non-Allowable Expenses

  • Parking costs incurred at your residence
  • Parking costs at a lot that is owned or sponsored by the Employer.
  • Please Note: Parking lot fees arising from a company owned lot are not eligible under the Parking Reimbursement Account. These costs are deducted through the Parking Conversion Plan.

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