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KnowledgeBase  >>>> Learning Documents

Learning documents are designed to answer some of the more common questions and issues that are brought up by employers. Whether it's a small employer putting a plan in place for the first time or one with a long standing plan, our learning documents library has something for everyone.

We believe that a well-educated employer leads to a well-administered plan and helps strengthen the foundation of a business partnership.

FSA Overview
A general overview of FSA plans and its various components.
The FPS Reporting Package
An overview if the standard reporting package available to clients.
Our Employee Communications
An overview of the various employee communications we provide to employees and participants.
The Claims Lifecycle
A general outline of how a claim is processed and reimbursed.
A Plan Funding Comparison
A comprehensive analysis of the various plan funding options for FSA plans with statistical data.
Online Account Access
A detailed look at the available online account access through the Flex-Plan Services website.



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