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Direct Dental Reimbursement



What is it?

Dental Reimbursement Plans are an innovative approach to self-funding an employer’s dental plan. Dental Reimbursement Plans are strongly supported by the American Dental Association and by many benefits professionals. The Dental Reimbursement Plan concept is a simple, cost effective way to provide a dental plan for employees- a plan that will meet the employer’s financial goals and the employee’s benefit needs.

Direct Reimbursement (DR) is a simple, cost effective dental plan that guarantees the following important benefits:

  • Virtually all the money spent goes toward dental treatment (90% - 95%) – not to extraneous overhead or administration.
  • Employees are free to visit any dentist they choose, including their current dentist.
  • Employees will be happy with the decreased plan restrictions- no pre-authorizations.
direct dental



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