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Day Care FSA



Accessing Your FSA

Accessing your Day Care FSA is easy:

  1. Obtain a receipt from your care provider. The receipt must include the dates of service, type of care, cost, and the dependent's name. If your day care provider does not provide receipts in the regular course of business, you can use our Day Care Service Form.
  2. Fill out a claim form and fax, email or mail your claim and receipt to Flex-Plan Services. You also have access to our online claim submission tool and the Flexi App for Android or iPhone to submit your claim information.
  3. Reimbursements will be issued according to your employer’s schedule.

Your Day Care FSA functions like a bank account--you will only be reimbursed up to the current balance in the benefit.

To see if your expenses are eligible for a Day Care FSA, you can view the following: List of Eligible Day Care Expenses

day care fsa



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