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The Flexi-Card





Rather than filing a claim and waiting for reimbursement for your out of pocket eligible expenses, you can use the Flexi-Card to pay your provider directly for qualified medical care expenses.




The card is accepted at any IIAS participating merchant and health care merchants using the MasterCard® system.  This includes:


  • Doctor Offices

  • Dental / Vision Clinics

  • Hospitals

  • Mail Order Rx Programs

  • Pharmacies and grocery stores *

*Merchants that have implemented IIAS have the ability to recognize when participants purchase FSA-eligible expenses. When you use your Flexi-Card to purchase items at these merchants you will not be required to substantiate your expense. For an extensive list of IIAS Participating Retailers click here.

Each time you swipe your Flexi-Card, the provider is paid on your behalf and the expense is deducted from your HCFSA balance. When you use your card for a copay or at an IIAS retailer, you will not be required to substantiate your charge. However, IRS regulations require you to substantiate certain expenses, so we have made it simple for you to comply with this requirement.


If any of your Flexi-Card charges require substantiation, a summary of your card activity for those charges will be emailed to you. In order to receive the Flexi-Card initially, you must provide a valid email address.




Upon enrollment in the plan you will receive one card in your name. If you would like additional cards in the name of a spouse or eligible dependent you may request them through the participant portal or by contacting our customer service.




New cards will not be sent each year; instead the new plan year funds will be loaded to your existing cards once enrollment has been processed.




To utilize your Flexi-Card to pay for over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and drugs at a drug store or pharmacy, you must present a prescription to the pharmacist, who then must dispense the OTC medicine or drug in accordance with applicable law, assign an Rx number, and retain a record of the prescription.


If these steps are taken, the item will be considered fully substantiated at the point of sale and no further documentation will be required. However, if these steps are not taken, the Flexi-Card will not function when purchasing OTC medicines and drugs at drug stores and pharmacies.




While most of your Flexi-Card purchases will not require substantiation, we recommend you always save your receipts and documentation.


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